An agreement between IFE and MCAST further strengthens the teaching of vocational subjects

March 3, 2021 Communications





The Institute for Education promotes high quality education for educators and students at all levels, and by collaborating with stakeholders, fosters top-level learning communities while also fostering education with equity and social justice.

With the agreement signed, the two educational institutions are further strengthening the collaboration between them so that lecturers from MCAST collaborate with the Institute for Education in the development and the teaching of various vocational subjects.

“A priority for the Ministry for Education is the continuous training on a professional basis and the agreement reached today between the Institute for Education together with MCAST provides for the two entities to complement the training given to our educators. It is important that we take care of all the talent that we have in our country, the training in academic subjects, but also training in vocational subjects and educational training”, said Minister for Education Justyne Caruana.

MCAST has always been on the forefront where vocational subjects are concerned, so the collaboration between the two entities was a natural choice. The agreement strengthens the first agreement that was signed 3 years ago so that MCAST collaborates with the Institute for Education to nurture educators in VET subjects through the development of courses and the training of educators leading to more educators having the necessary competencies in these subjects.

This enables educators to lead students towards a smooth transition from secondary to tertiary education and to prepare them for the employment sector responsibly by training them according to their skills and their competencies.

The agreement was signed by Joanne Grima for the Institute for Education and Prof Joachim James Calleja for MCAST.