Collaboration in the Maritime Sector

February 26, 2021 Communications

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Ministers Ian Borg and Justyne Caruana visited the MaritimeMT training center where an agreement was signed between MCAST and MaritimeMT focusing on possible ways of cooperation and collaboration between the two main institutes. This agreement will serve so that both MCAST and MaritimeMT work together in an honest way and offer the best experience and the highest quality of training to all those students with a passion for maritime.

The challenges today are not only related to the investment needed to maintain a training center but also to the growing shortage of seafarers and people who want to start a maritime career. This is where the role of this agreement comes in, which will be incentivising more young people to start their studies for a career in the maritime industry.

Minister Ian Borg said, “This is another step that will continue to seal Malta’s position as a center of excellence in maritime education. This is a progressive government that sees to it that this sector continues to make huge advancements and reflects the international industry’s standards. I would like to remind that a week ago at this same training center the certificates were given to the first group of students who completed the first maritime training course offered by MaritimeMT. It is our priority as a government to incentivise more young people to take this line, be successful and continue to contribute for this country with a maritime industry of quality, reputation and reliability.”

Minister for Education Justyne Caruana praised MCAST and MaritimeMT for the work done leading to this agreement with the aim of more collaboration to enhance maritime studies. A sector with a strong connection between our country and the sea that goes back years and has seen strong developments in that nowadays, Malta is at the forefront in this sector. She announced an MCAST investment of more than half a million euros for a state-of-the-art Maritime Unit and also that from next academic year MCAST will start offering an Advanced Diploma in Deck Operations. “And that is why we are pleased to witness the signing of this agreement,” said Minister Caruana, “which will further increase the collaboration between the two entities to give more insight to studies in the maritime sector, and together they will also work to give more visibility to maritime studies in our secondary schools”.