MCAST Engineering students eligible for a warrant

January 26, 2021 Communications

MCAST engineering graduates will be eligible to apply for a warrant once they have completed the Pre-Warrant Qualification Course (PWQC). Yesterday evening the engineering board approved the College’s pre-warrant qualification course and around 200 MCAST graduates can now apply for a warrant following successful completion of the course. The German agency ASIIN, known in the sector for its evaluation of standards in engineering studies, recommended to the board the course’s approval after a rigorous evaluation process.

This is a decisive step as graduates of the Bachelor of Engineering course can now apply for a warrant to practise as professional engineers with all the rights conferred by law. As announced in a joint press release by the Ministry for Education and the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, this decision will bring to a halt the injustice suffered by the students who have been graduating since 2013.

MCAST Principal and CEO Professor Joachim James Calleja said: “The Board’s decision based on recommendations made by an international company, confirms the College’s professional standards. Our alumni hold leading engineering positions nationally and internationally. Many have successfully furthered their studies at local and foreign higher education institutions. No one benefits from withholding these graduates’ right to apply for a warrant. The engineering degree is well received by industry, and we will continue to ensure international standards and excellence in vocational and professional education””.

Inġ Stephen Sammut, director of the Institute for Engineering and Transport, said: “MCAST is home to over fifty engineers and highly qualified lecturing staff many of whom holders of doctoral degrees and who are adamant on safeguarding our profession. We need to attract the younger generation and innovators towards this profession. We will now be launching two Pre-Warrant Qualification Courses – one on electrical engineering and another on mechanical engineering. Applications will be opening in the coming weeks, and all those who have a B. Eng qualification from MCAST can apply.”

MCAST will be absorbing the courses’ costs to further encourage students and lay an important foundation for the engineering profession.