Principal’s motivational message to staff and students

December 18, 2020 Admin

Principal’s motivational message to staff and students

MCAST Principal and CEO Professor Joachim James Calleja thanked staff and students in his Christmas and New Year message. He said he was particularly grateful for the sense of community which stood out in difficult times brought about by the pandemic.

The College showed resilience and adaptability while ensuring that student learning was no disrupted. He spoke of the institute’s guiding principles “first, the importance to adapt to circumstance and to ensure safety at the workplace. We learnt to focus on communicating effectively and keeping everyone informed with what was happening at the College. We were reminded that we work better as a team.”

The Principal urged students to you to keep up their enthusiasm to pursue their passion and to look ahead “because the future should be beautiful for you and generations to come.”

Finally, he addressed the 2020 graduates: “You have missed out on the celebrations this year but these, god willing, will take place next year. I congratulate you on your great success. Remember, no one can take away your hard work throughout the years and your achievements acquired at this College. We are proud of each and every one of you.”

Watch the video message here