Armed Forces donate aircraft to be used by aviation students

November 18, 2020 Communications



The Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) donated the Bulldog TMK1 aircraft to MCAST’s Institute for Engineering and Transport. This is part of an ongoing collaboration and partnership agreement between the two entities.

MCAST will use the aircraft to train students in the basics of aircraft maintenance before they start their training with industry. This practical work allows students to gain the necessary preparation as aircraft maintenance technicians. This aircraft will also be used to train apprentices who will eventually join the AFM as technical personnel.  The armed forces of Malta are also helping the Institute of Engineering and Transport through the provision of outboard engines for the training being conducted in outboard engine maintenance.

The Bulldog Aircraft Reg. AS-0124 arrived from the RAF (UK) in 2001. At that time, the aircraft was an asset when it came to conducting security and reconnaissance patrols within the Maltese coastal areas. The plane has helped the AFM in their primary roles during its 8 years of service, with 381 hours of flight before its termination of service in 2009.