Campaign Seeds for the trees (Holm Oak, Cypress, Lentil and Almond Tree)

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Campaign  Seeds for the trees (Holm Oak, Cypress, Lentil and Almond Tree)

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MCAST have started on the campaign to encourage staff and students to voluntarily help grow indigenous trees and the first sessions were held at Students’ House.

Seeds for the trees (Holm Oak, Cypress, Lentil and Almond Tree) were provided for free, together with recycled containers, compost and instructions of how to sow the seeds and how to nurture the saplings. The first events saw an encouraging uptake of 23 trees. Staff members selected and sowed the seeds themselves and will nurture them until they can be returned to the community. In the coming weeks we will continue the campaign across MCAST with students and staff.

We would appreciate that this campaign is promoted on MCAST’s social media and that students and staff are urged to participate. Some pictures are attached for this purpose.

We are also collecting empty milk (Benna) carton boxes to use for potting. Anyone wishing to contribute or volunteer in the campaign is welcome to contact the undersigned

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