EURASHE Statement on European Universities

November 7, 2019 nocilla_d3oqqe


EURASHE Statement on European Universities

I would like to draw your attention to the EURASHE Statement on European Universities Initiative ‘More Diversity, Better European Universities: Participation of Universities of Applied Sciences’ which was released yesterday late evening.

EURASHE has been constantly promoting this European Commission’s Initiative among our members and within the sector by organising workshops, online consultations and information sessions which, we hope, you were able to attend. Based on the conclusions of these activities as well as the results of the 1st European Universities Call, we call the European Commission to take into account the specificities of UAS and other PHE institutions in particular:

  • Take full advantage of the diversity of European higher education
  • Consider all higher education qualification levels, while taking into account the limits of national regulations for UAS and other PHE institutions in this aspect
  • Take into account the difficulties the UAS may face regarding the requested students’ participation and engagement in the Alliances due to the shorter period of time students spend in UAS in comparison with traditional universities
  • Clarify the doubts about the sustainability of the Alliances and the realisation of the common long-term strategies beyond the funding period
  • Consider the specific profile of UAS students that could impact the desirable mobility.

At this point, we kindly ask for your support in disseminating this Statement at your institution, among your members and network and share it with the national government.  All the information as well as the Statement itself you can find and download here.

 If you or your institution are actively using social media, we would ask you to like and/or share our messages:

 Also, tomorrow the European Commission is organising an information session on the 2nd Call which you can follow online here. Our President Stéphane Lauwick will participate in the panel discussion 16:45 – 17:15 ‘Implementing European Universities’ where he will address the issues that we included in the aforementioned Statement.