Applying for Maintenance Grants (Stipends)

All MCAST students must apply online for the students’ maintenance grants.

Kindly note that student maintenance grants application form for academic year 2018/2019 will be open on the 27th August 2018 at noon. Students submitting their online application after the end of November (2018) will be considered eligible for the Maintenance Grants as from the date of submission of application. The stipend online application form can be accessed from the Ministry for Education and Employment website: 

Please Note:

On the second page of the online application form you will be asked to indicate which year you will be commencing. It is important that you indicate the course year and not the course level.

  • Form B (Progressing) Students must choose type “Commencing first year within the Education Institution”.
  • Form C (Continuing) Students must choose type “Promoted to a subsequent year within the Educational Institution after successful completion of the previous scholastic year’’.
  • Form D (Repeating) Students must choose type “’Repeating year’’.

Students coming from a low income family who wish to apply for the supplementary grant have to apply online. Requested documents have to be uploaded to the online application form. Such information can be viewed from the website:

Students must have an active E-ID account to apply. Further information may be obtained from or phone the E-ID Helpdesk contact number: 25904300.

N.B. Applying for Stipend does not mean that you are automatically eligible, as the necessary checking about eligibility will take place after we receive the online application.

Payments will only be credited to eligible students after confirming their online application form.

Any queries may be addressed to:


  • Stipends Office: Room 306B - Students' House, MCAST Main Campus, Paola
  • Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 12:30


MCAST Stipends Office Staff:


Ms Alexia Caruana  


  • Cross-Curricular Courses
  • Institute for the Creative Arts
  • Institute of Engineering and Transport - Aviation Maintenance Training Centre
  • Institute of Engineering and Transport - Mechanical Engineering

Ms Marisa Vella


  • Institute of Engineering and Transport - Building & Construction Engineering
  • Institute of Community Services
  • Pathway (Malta and Gozo)

Ms Doris Baldacchino


  • Gozo Campus
  • Institute of Applied Sciences - Centre of Agriculture, Aquatics and Animal Sciences
  • Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Ms Melanie Dyer


  • Institute of Applied Sciences
  • Institute of Business Management & Commerce
  • Institute of Engineering and Transport – Centre for Maritime Studies

Ms Sandra Chircop


  • Institute of Engineering and Transport – Electrical and Electronics Engineering