Pathway to Independent Living Programme

The two-year Pathway to Independent Living Programme provides students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities/learning difficulties with an opportunity to follow a structured programme of study in subjects that are closer to these individuals’ needs. It is particularly designed to help them acquire the skills required to gain and maintain employment.

Students are encouraged to participate in one day weekly supervised placements within the College during their first year, and in different workplaces during their second year. They are also presented with opportunities to experience hands-on learning in all subjects.

Prospective students in this programme should have basic skills in literacy and numeracy, be able to adapt to a classroom environment and be willing to take up employment. The specific entry requirements are:

  • School Leaving Certificate (completed compulsory education)
  • A recent psychological report (issued no more than 3 years before date of application)
  • Medical and / or Psychiatric report (in case of medical/ mental health concerns)
  • School reports, including the last Individual Education Plan (IEP).

MCAST provides one Learning Support Assistant per class (one-to-one support/facilitation is offered in approved cases only). Students are required to pass a selection process which includes an interview and an Initial Assessment Test. The course is held from Monday to Friday. 

The Pathway to Independent Living Programme is offered at the MCAST Main Campus, in Paola, and at the MCAST Gozo Centre, in Ghajnsielem.

T: 2398 7320