Academic Calendar
1st September  Beginning of Academic Year 
1st- 15th September Synoptic Examinations 
25th – 29th September Induction week for all students 
2nd – 6th October MCAST Fresher’s days 
2nd October Start of Lectures (Semester 1)
December Graduation Ceremonies for Levels 5 and 6
25th December – 3rd January  Christmas recess
4th January Semester 1 – Continuation
2nd February  End of Semester 1
5th - 9th February  Semester 1 – Examinations/Progress Week
February Graduation Ceremonies for Pathway and Levels 1 to 4
12th February  Semester 2 – Start
29th March - 6th April Easter recess
9th April Semester 2 – Continuation
11th – 20th June End of Semester Examinations & Assignments 
21st – 28th June Synoptic Examinations 
9th July End of Semester 2
10th July - 31st August Summer recess