Method of application


Conditions for Application


New Applicants


  1. A new applicant is:

Either: An applicant who in June 2018 was not attending a course at MCAST.

Or: A student who failed the first year of a course and wishes to re-apply to start the same course.

Or: A student who up to June 2018 attended a course at MCAST and wishes to start another course, not through progression, but in a different area of study.


  1. All applicants must fill in the official Application Form.


  1. Applications without all the necessary documentation are not processed.


  1. Grades 5/C or better are considered as ‘O’ level passes. In the case of ‘O’ level passes in Maltese, Italian and Religion, only the SEC results are accepted.


  1. Applicants who sat for examinations of Overseas Examination Boards and at the time of receipt of applications are still waiting for results may submit a provisional application as long as the results are presented by the end of the last week in August. The grades of these subjects are to be listed as ‘Provisional’.


  1. No provisional entry of subjects will be accepted after the closing date for the receipt of applications.


  1. After the closing date for the receipt of applications no changes in application forms are accepted except for results for Provisional examination of Overseas Boards.


  1. When filling in the Application Form, the Title of a Course applied for and the Course Code must agree. In case they do not agree it is the title of course that is considered as the correct choice.


Access Arrangements


  1. MCAST strives to be an equal opportunities College and therefore welcomes students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Special needs students are required to:

  • Have the necessary entry qualifications
  • Discuss their needs with a member of the MCAST Inclusive Education Unit (IEU) before submitting the application form
  • Produce recent professional evidence in writing and documents concerning their special requirements
  • Produce recent professional documents on their special requirements to follow the course.

For an appointment to discuss your special needs please phone the Inclusive Education Unit on 2398 7127 or the Information Centre on 2398 7000.



Selection of Applicants and Further Information



  1. Previously awarded BTEC qualifications awarded by MCAST will be accepted as follows:
  • BTEC Level 2 Diploma and MCAST Key skills Certificate in lieu of the MCAST Level 3 Diploma
  • BTEC Level 3 National or Extended Diploma in lieu of the MCAST Level 4 Advanced Diploma
  • BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in lieu of the MCAST Level 5 Higher Diploma.


  1. Candidates in possession of any other qualification not listed as an entry requirement in this Prospectus may apply provisionally. The application will be considered by the Admissions Board.


  1. If candidates cannot find the desired progression route, they can apply provisionally and the Admissions Board will consider their application.


  1. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.


  1. a) When the number of places available on a course is limited and the number of applicants who satisfy the entry requirements and choose the course exceeds the number of available places, an order of merit is drawn for all applicants choosing the course.


b) Students who in July 2018 successfully completed a course at MCAST and apply to progress to a higher course in the same area of study will be given priority over those applicants who apply for the same course from outside MCAST.


c) Aptitude Tests and/or Interviews - In those cases where an aptitude test and/or an interview is carried out, the admission of students will be based on the number of points acquired on the basis of their qualifications after having passed the test and/or interview.


d) Initial Assessment Tests - Applicants having unrated SSC&P certificates will be required to sit for the Initial Assessment Tests in Maltese, English and Mathematics. Students found to require significant support will be guided to join the Level 1 Introductory Certificate course. Applicants with SEC/O-Levels at grades 6 or 7 in at least two subjects from Maltese, English Language and Mathematics or SSC&P (Secondary School Certificate & Profile) at Level 1 or 2 will be exempted from the Initial Assessment Tests and will start directly at Level 2.


e) Students are selected for the Level 1 or Level 2 courses on the basis of the results obtained in their SSC&P certificate or, in cases where the SSC&P is not available or unrated, on the results obtained in the Initial Assessment Tests.


  1. All grades of SEC/O-Level, Advanced and Intermediate level examination results are allocated a number of points as shown in the following table:



Ordinary Level Intermediate Level Advanced Level
Grade Points Grade Points Grade Points
1/A       10 A 16 A 16
2         9 B 15 B 24
3/B       8 C 14 C 22
4         7 D 13 D 20
5/C       6 E 12 E 18
                                             O 6


  1. After an applicant is considered eligible for a course the number of points is worked according to the course requirements.

a) The total points for Compulsory subjects is multiplied by 5.

b) The total points for Preferred subjects is multiplied by 3.

c) When there is a choice within the list of Compulsory Subjects the ones with the highest grades are multiplied by 5.

Any additional passes in Compulsory subjects are considered as Preferred subjects. All other passes are given their relative number of points.

d) The total of all the points obtained by an applicant indicates the place in the order of merit for admission into a course.


  1. All applicants that are offered a place to start a course are informed to complete a Registration Form and produce any documents as necessary. This official Registration Form must be completed and handed in at the Office of the Registrar within the stipulated time together with original documents and their photocopies. Failing this, the place offered on the course may be assigned to another applicant on the waiting list.
  2. The applicant must complete the Data Protection Consent Form provided at application stage granting MCAST permission to process the data, in order for the application to be considered complete.


  1. An applicant may delegate another person to present their Application Form as long as the delegated person presents his/ her original Identity Card together with the original Identity Card of the applicant and completed and signed Data Protection Consent Form Otherwise the application can only be received on a provisional basis until all documents are presented.


  1. If after the first call for applications there are courses where places are still available, there will be other calls for application. Any places remaining after subsequent calls will be offered on a first come first served basis.


  1. Any application to join a course or any request to change a course must go through the Office of the Registrar and will not be accepted beyond a date agreed upon by the Council of Institutes and unless approved by the Registrar.


  1. When the number of applicants for a course is not viable, the College reserves the right not to offer the course and applicants will be given the opportunity to change their option.


Vocational Degrees


  1. 23. Holders of a full Level 5 Higher National Diploma issued by MCAST or equivalent may request to access directly the third year of the Bachelor’s Degree programme subject to validation by the Admissions Board. Applicants with equivalent HNDs from approved Further Education Institutions may be considered for eligibility. Applicants with other qualifications as approved by the College will be considered after following the appropriate College procedures for such cases.


Mature Students


  1. Students who satisfy the following conditions may apply for consideration to join MCAST programmes as mature students:

- Be in possession of the School Leaving Certificate

- Have, by the end of the same calendar year:

a) attained the age of 23 years for entry to programmes at MQF Level 5/6/7

b) attained the age of 21 years for entry to programmes at MQF Level 4

c) attained the age of 19 years for entry to programmes at MQF Level 3.

- Demonstrate that they stand to benefit and show that they are able to follow the programme through an interview held for the purpose. Shortlisted persons will be called for an interview to assess their suitability for the chosen programme. The Selection Board may require candidates to undertake additional studies as part of their acceptance. The Board may recommend an alternative programme where it considers it appropriate. The Board reserves the right to evaluate the prospective candidate’s competences through an assessment. Students are advised to approach the respective Institute / Career Guidance Services well in advance to the qualifying age above.


  1. Vocational programmes for secondary schools (BTEC L2 Extended Certificate) shall enjoy the same parity of esteem as one ‘O’ level at:

Distinction = Grade 1

Merit = Grade 3

Pass = Grade 5