Call For Applications - 2017/18 Full-time Courses

MCAST will be receiving applications for full-time courses on the following dates:



Dates*                                 Applicants with surname
  starting with:
Monday 24 July 2017                          A
Tuesday 25 July 2017                         B
Wednesday 26 July 2017                    C
Thursday 27 July 2017                       D-F
Friday 28 July 2017                            G-L
Monday 31 July 2017                          M
Tuesday 1 August 2017                      N-S
Wednesday 2 August 2017                  T-Z





Further Information
  1. Applicants who cannot present their application on the above dates may apply on Thursday 3 August 2017 or Friday 4 August 2017.  Applications will be received between 08:30 and 12:00 noon.
  2. Applicants who will be abroad on application dates have to submit their application before these dates at the Office of the Registrar, Students' House,  MCAST Main Campus, Paola. The Travel ticket must be shown as a proof that the Applicant will be abroad.
  3. Applicants who wish to apply for courses held in Malta, and who during the days of Receipt of Applications are residing in Gozo, may submit their application at the MCAST Gozo Campus, Ghajnsielem
  4. Applicants may ask another person to present their application as long as the application is signed by the applicant and all the necessary documents are attached to the application. The person presenting an application in the name of another person must also present his/her ID card.
  5. Applications without all the necessary documents will not be accepted.
  6. Application Form A is to be filled in by those applicants who were not students at MCAST in academic year 2016/17 and by those who wish to restart a course.
  7. Applicants who are applying following SEC re-sit examinations in September 2017 and at the time of application (24 July 2017 - 4 August 2017) do not satisfy the entry requirements of a course, can apply in subsequent calls that will be offerd by MCAST during September 2017.
  8. Applicants applying under the Maturity Clause must also present an Employment History Record for any work experience claimed, together with a motivation letter.
  9. All Applicants must fill in the official Application Form A (in triplicate) and submit it together with the original ID Card(+ photocopy), School Leaving Certificate (or Secondary School Certificate and Profile (SSC&P)) (+ Photocopy) as well as any other certificates and results (original + photocopy).
How to apply

A copy of the MCAST Full-Time Courses Application Form can be obtained from the MCAST Main Campus, from any of the College's Institutes in Malta, from the MCAST Gozo Campus in Ghajnsielem or from any local council office.

Refer to the Method of Application page of this website for full details on how to apply for 2017/18 Full-Time courses. 

Interested in gaining work experience while studying?

All Institutes offer Apprenticeship Schemes in different areas of study. For further information on this opportunity to gain work experience while studying send an email to

Courses offered on Apprenticeship are identified in the prospectyus and course map as 'On Apprenticeship' adjacent to the duration of the course.


Career guidance

Contact our career advisers on or 2398 7135/7310 to obtain career advice and any other course information you require.