Contact Details


President of the Board of Governors

Dr Silvio De Bono
Tel: +356 23987312

Personal Assistant to the President of the Board of Governors

Ms Deborah Vella
Tel: +356 23987312

Principal and CEO

Mr Stephen Cachia
Tel: +356 23987317
 Vice-Principal Ing Vince Maione
Tel: +35623987119
 Personal Assistant to Vice Principal Ms Grace Barbara
Tel: +35623987226

Deputy Principal - Academic Operations and Student Services

Mr Anthony Saliba
Tel: +356 23987307
Registrar Mr Ronald Curmi
Tel: +356 23987111
Deputy Registrar Mr John Vella
Deputy Registrar Mr Josef Buttigieg
Personal Assistant to the Registrar Ms Sharon Vella
Head - Foundation College Dr Tatiana Chircop
Clerk  Mr Daryl Grima
Tel: +35623987132
Head - Technical College Dr Mario Cardona
Tel: +35623987175
Administrative Officer  Ms Natalie Agius Barbuta
Tel: +35623987130
Head - University College Dr Ing Alex Rizzo
TeL +35623987176
Administrative Officer  Ms Isabella Anna Zeno
Tel: +35623987172
Director - HR  Ms Josephine Abdillla
Tel: +35623987210
Director - Strategy and Special Projects

Mr Oscar Borg
Tel +356 23987100
Financial Controller

Mr Pierre Sammut
Tel +356 23987214

Director - Quality Assurance  Ing Pierre Dalmas
Tel +35623987121

Mr Anthony Saliba
Tel +356 23987502
General Manager MG2i Mr Stephen Vella
Tel: +35623987175
Director Student Outreach Services and Events

Mr John Bartolo 
Tel +356 23987134
Director - Partnerships Office Ing Louis Aquilina
Tel: +35623987142
Director - Student Support Services Dr Rose Falzon
Tel: +35623987187
Director - EU Projects Perit Deborah Borg
Tel: + 35623987401
Director - Apprentices Mr Martin Borg
Tel: +35623987120
Director - Curriculum Dr Nadia Vassallo
Tel: +35623987518
Deputy Director - Learning Support and Inclusion Mr Kenny Muscat
Director - Data and Information Management Mr Mario Pace
Tel: +35623987141
Director - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mr Eric Flask
Tel: +35623987333
Director of Communications Ms Christine Cachia
Tel +356 23987200
Communications and Public Relations Manager Ms Caroline Balzan
Tel +356 23987309
Health & Safety Manager Mr Peter Micallef
Tel +356 23987405
IT Manager Mr Daniel Zammit
Tel +356 23987468
Business Development Manager Ms Irene Bugeja
Tel +356 23987161
Business Development Manager Ms Natalie Camenzuli
Tel: +35623987140
Precincts Manager Mr Saviour Grech
Tel +356 23987404
Administration and Procurement Manager Ms Jane Schembri
Tel +356 23987234
Estates Manager Mr Quentin Farrugia
Tel: +35623987406
Senior Counsellor

Ms Marthese Vassallo 
Tel +356 23987133
Counsellor Ms Sara Ann Baldacchino
Tel +356 23987186

Ms Isabel Camillieri
Tel +35623987115

Mr Josef Mizzi
Tel +35623987129
Career Advisers Mr Robert Cassar
Tel +356 23987135

Ms Veronique Vella Muskat
Tel +35623987136
Student Liaison Manager Mr Marina Sceberras
Tel +356 23987310
    MCAST Main Campus Triq Kordin, Paola PLA 9032
Tel: +356 23987100
Fax: +356 23987316
    Institute of Applied Sciences MCAST Main Campus, Corradino Hill, Paola PLA 9032
Director: Tonio Pace
Tel: +356 23987369
Fax: +356 23987369
    Institute of Applied Sciences - Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics and Animal Sciences Luqa Road, Qormi QRM 9075
A/Deputy Director: Mr Malcolm Borg
Tel: +356 23987340
    Institute for the Creative Arts Misraħ Għonoq, Tarġa Gap
Mosta, MST 1735
Director: Mr Tyrone Grima
Tel: +356 23987753
Fax: +356 21433205
    Institute of Engineering and Transport -Building and Construction 

T/G fi Triq il-Kbira, Naxxar NXR 1971
Director: Mr Ray Vassallo
Deputy Director: Mr Godwin Caruana

Tel: +356 21423626/7
Fax: +356 21423624

    Institute of Business Management and Commerce MCAST Main Campus, 
Triq Kordin, Paola PLA 9032
Director: Mr David Kenely
Tel: +356 23987600
Fax: +356 23987640
    Institute of Community Services

MCAST Main Campus, 
Triq Kordin, Paola PLA 9032
A/Director: Mr Philip Vella
Deputy Director: Ms Anne Marie Cassar 

Tel: +356 23987550
Fax: +356 23987590

    Institute of Engineering and Transport - Electrical and Electronics 

MCAST Main Campus, 
Triq Kordin, Paola PLA 9032
Director: Mr Ray Vassallo

Tel: +356 23987700
Fax: +356 23987740

    Institute of Information and Communication Technology

MCAST Main Campus,
Triq Kordin, Paola PLA 9032
Director: Mr Conrad Vassallo
Tel: +356 23987350
Fax: +356 23987390

    Institute of Engineering and Transport - Maritime

Villa Portelli, Triq Marina,
Kalkara KKR 1211
Director: Mr Ray Vassallo
Deputy Director: Mr Ben Stuart

Tel: +356 23987768
Fax: +356 21809057

    Institute of Engineering and Transport -  Mechanical

MCAST Main Campus,
Triq Kordin, Paola PLA 9032
Director: Mr Ray Vassallo
Deputy Director: Mr Frank Dalli

Deputy Director: Mr Anthony Bartolo

Tel: +356 23987450
Fax: +356 23987490

    MCAST Gozo Campus MCAST Gozo Campus, JF De Chambray Street, 
Ghajnsielem, Gozo GSM 1053
Director: Mr Godwin Grech
Tel: +356 23987665